3 Things YOU Need to Know About Royalty Free Music


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78 thoughts on “3 Things YOU Need to Know About Royalty Free Music”

  1. Mitchell Davis says:


  2. Shaun O'Rourke says:

    I think the best bet is to find a composer and use original music. So many composers on YouTube. I think this will be my option going forward in my channel.

  3. Hans Stam says:

    Learning every day mate, Thank you!

  4. Ricky's Fun says:

    Thanks for this information sean canell is ❤

  5. HailFoam Entertainment says:

    I love learning about youtube and growing my channel with your advice

  6. Janice Aurand says:

    Thanks, this was helpful. I’m with another music company but I am going to cancel that one and try yours.

  7. Kajun Roots Reseller says:

    Great Information and love hearing about this music bed site.

  8. HailFoam Entertainment says:

    It's pretty hard to find songs, but my channel hasn't grown to a level from which I can monetize

  9. James Walmsley says:

    This topic was the reason I completely stopped making videos a few years ago and because I didn't have a solution to this situation. Glad you explained how to do this.

  10. Is That A Rexy says:

    great ideas thanks definitely will be putting this to use

  11. teh JOBBY YTP says:

    Music bed is great, thank you for introducing me to this awesome site!!

  12. Sypher - My Six String Guitar Journey says:

    Very useful information and a site I must check out.

  13. Kaioshin Supreme says:

    So if I signed up with MusicBed, I download musics and use it on my videos. I won’t get sues for Copyright? Is this for real?

  14. Ian Craig - Audio and Video Reviews & Tips says:

    One thing to be careful of…..

    You can be out innocently videoing and you pass a shop playing music or you attend a show where bits are played pre concert. Those things get picked up as well which can be a real pain. Even buskers and street performers!

  15. The Roads Less Traveled Southeast Asia says:

    There is some real crap music out there on many channels. So bad that is the first thing that gets me to turn off the channel. It tends to be with many of the party party party travel channels. Party until to puke and drop out of Southeast Asia. It is just God awful. Besides the crowds they attract to the region.

  16. Bob Gilbert says:

    Can someone summarise?

  17. Australian Kaleidoscope says:

    Thank you mates for this great topic! I am often upset because what I get from YouTube Library leaves much to be desired. Thank you for your important links.

  18. The Poltical One says:

    I used a guy called homage beats he's pretty good

  19. Sherlock The Vet Nurse says:

    I really struggle to find the right background music it’s the part the takes the longest!

  20. Beauty by Anne-Chris says:

    This site sounds great! I am always a little confused with these subscription sites what type of subscription I need of I want to use the music in YT, Insta and FB vids. Now I just buy songs (2 up till now) directly from a creator who does great work! But if I want to switch it up I would love a sub on a site like musicbed. Can you let me know what type of subscription I would need? Thanks!

  21. Ross Roams says:

    Copyright free really us video makers

  22. Xhrajin says:

    Yes music

  23. Xhrajin says:

    I remember when this channel was so underrated. It growing and yeah soon 1M. Happy to be in this journey.

  24. Chasing Retirement says:

    I've been using and love the music. For me, they have what I'm looking for.

  25. Mieka Fasting Weight Loss says:

    Hello you just made my day. Needed these music tips🎶👍

  26. KCAA TV says:

    The explanation gave me the impression that we might get YouTube strikes with this service that we will need to appeal. Is that correct?

  27. Rainbow Blak TM says:

    Thanku for this ❤️👊🏾

  28. ifell3 says:

    Audio library is really good, they don't take a cut or make money from loads of adverts.

  29. Jenny's Korean Studio says:

    Great! You're like an anchor interviewing,Sean. Thank you so much for the awesome tip.

  30. jogsingumboots says:

    Thanks that was really helpful.

  31. Pa Obie says:

    If one can't pay for the subscription I feel the person go for the free version

  32. Passive Income Tom says:

    Thanks for sharing this as well as the tips! 👍

  33. Mia Anstine says:

    How is it automatically cleared? I used to buy royalty free music from Pond5 but this past year several of my videos were claimed by the music creator.

  34. Rick Harold says:

    Thx !

  35. Ryan Ingleton says:

    Thanks Guys. How about some good video editing programs you can use off your Apple IPhones for beginners. 👍

  36. KiddiE CuL-De-SaC says:


  37. Python Learning says:

    I got flagged once, not fun. Caught it quick tho!! And I like to think I'm pretty good at being careful to use free stock. There's plenty of free sites out there! Shoutout to all the musicians who give music out for free!! 👍❤️

  38. P. Owen Fahie says:

    Great info

  39. kristenirl says:

    What happens if I canceled my subscription for the musicbed but I’ve got old videos with music? Is that license always valid?

  40. Too Fat To Hunt Outdoors says:


  41. Tamour Tahir says:

    Hi Sean, i need to ask a question from you. I used a free music with Quick app for video and uploaded it to YouTube. Now the owner has not striked it for take down but they will display ads on that video and get revenue from it. Now I am thinking of taking that video down or do it again with another soundtrack and upload. Can you please guide me?

  42. shafeer official says:

    Hello sir i have just one dobt about copy right music . The thing is when I go-to outside I record a stage program. It's a traditional dance but there is a background okay music . So my question is when I upload this video to my YouTube channel in-between my vlog is there any copyright issues ? Kindly help me

  43. Francis Bailey says:

    At this present time, I use music for my videos from Audio Library from You tube. The music that I use depends on the content of the video. I spend quite a while to choose the right music to suite the video. Quite a number of the music offered is free to use in the video. Some of the tracks I use are given credit at the end of the video. Song/Artist/Album..

  44. jay says:

    How much time of a song can you use🤔

  45. Carmen Salomé says:

    I just started my channel. I use YouTube music library. Right now I like to use funk sounds as my intro/opener. The YouTube music library works fine for me and for where I am on this journey. I have learned so much from Think media. If you take a look at my first video a few weeks ago and the one I just uploaded I can see a definite improvement from thumbnail, to editing, to tagging. Thanks guys!

  46. angrymikko says:

    Musicbed pricing is insane compared to others. 89$ per MONTH for videos with ads turned on?! Art list and epidemics are cheaper/month even if you subscribe to both at once. Can’t really get on board with this suggestion.

  47. Persomind says:

    Very helpful video, because I often add some music to my videos. Thanks for sharing 😊

  48. Ginny Williams says:

    Good to know thanks! I’ve been using Epidemic sound for 2 years and I LOVe it. It’s been key for me in developing my brand. I like have access to unique music.

  49. Ridge Mallery - My Journey To Wealth says:

    I started my channel with Musicbed because I wanted to rise above the norm of everyone using the YouTube library

  50. Maintenance Made Simple says:

    Great info!

  51. Chevon Jackson says:

    Think Media is the best in the industry for helping people in the world become creators.

  52. Wild Florida says:

    Thanks for introducing me to Music Bed! I’ve historically used YouTube’s Audio Library. Learning about other ways to get music is always helpful… it makes the difference!

  53. balance stsys says:


  54. Ferdinand Montes / calor1030 says:

    Big hello from Oceanside Cali !!! I saw you this morning at Camp Coffee ☕️!!! Hope you are having a good trip

  55. Kevin Lamarr says:

    What is that hanging out of your sleeve?

  56. quinlan payne says:

    Thank God somebody is finally talking about music bed epidemic is great don’t get me wrong but music beds quality of music is just on another level.

  57. The Roaming Runner says:

    Thanks interesting.

  58. Walker Albert says:

    Yes,online video. Copyright

  59. RakhemJavon says:

    Who need tips?

  60. Jorge Quiles says:

    i have an idea for a app thats a for sure next big thing but need help not in the world/space to do it need help

  61. TechON Table says:

    YouTube provides free music library. For a startup channel YouTube music library itself enough I believe.

  62. Think Media says:

    Question of the Day ⚡️Where do you get music for your videos? Let me know! ***** 🎧 Check out our Think Media Musicbed Playlist with our top songs for YouTube videos here ➡️

  63. McgrableDiwan says:

    Free music squad

  64. The Email Marketing Maven says:

    Music really brings out the emotion of a video. I'll have to give music bed a try.

  65. Friendly Food Forest says:

    Do you know if music on a Samsung editing platform labeled free license is okay to use on YouTube?

  66. Mexas por Elmundo says:

    love this channel, always useful and spot on

  67. CHEFPK says:

    I ended up Signing up with epidemic sound mostly because of the great selection of music tracks, but also for its sound effects. It's not bad for the price point.

  68. Lara Smith says:

    🦋love music but I don’t want copyright issues

  69. モバイル動画クリエイターズ says:

    I'm interested in Musicbed but the licences look really complicated.

  70. Tales Of The Doxie says:

    There’s no point asking questions on this video. They don’t pay any attention to their comments. That’s just inconsiderate.

  71. David Mogd says:

    I´m a guitarist and if anybody is interested in free quality guitar music, you can contact me 🙂

  72. Tales Of The Doxie says:

    Every time you add a song to your video, YouTube will flag it. Nothing like drawing attention to yourself and YouTube keeping an eagle eye on you. I don’t like that fact. And it’s a hassle dealing with correcting the issue.

  73. untapped virgin says:

    Thank you for all the tips you post to help us little channels stand a chance I really appreciate it.

  74. Trail Hacker says:

    Can you do a video on getting music from musicbed

  75. Javier Mercedes says:

    still pumping out content from Vidsummit. Sean and his team go so hard when it comes to batch creating and capitalizing on events. I'll get there one day.

  76. Jared McKenna says:

    Finally stopped using copyrighted music after getting 2 strikes 😬😬, thanks for this helpful video!!

  77. RambleAnimations says:

    What's your intro song

  78. cyberreefguru says:

    I checked out their songs and they are really, really GREAT. But there has to be away around the content strike every single time! Also, just a note – you didn't really talk about royalty free music…click baity….

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