2013.12.26 Thurs. – Arts & Culture – Part 2 – Music News

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That is quite a shocking gift for Bieber fans
around the world — and on Christmas Eve, no less. Indeed. And he is still just 19 years old.
He has such a bright future ahead of him, so it would be a shame to see him retire so
early. Well, when more information does become available,
I’m sure you will be here to keep us all updated. And so, you have another piece of news as
well, correct? That’s right. This artist kept the name of
her latest album very “hush, hush.” Even the release of the album was somewhat out of the
ordinary as well, but it has all ended with new records being set.
So, what is this new album and who is it by? Let’s find out. A diva of the global music scene is back
That’s right, musician Beyonce Knowles is back with her latest album, which was released
through iTunes on December 13th. The irregular digital release went on to sell
a whopping 617,000 copies in just three days, making it the fastest selling album EVER in
the history of the digital music retailer. The self-titled album, “Beyonce,” apparently
also struck a nerve with major retailers Target and
The album was only available through iTunes for the first week, so now the two retailers
are refusing to stock and sell physical copies of the album.
Regardless of the setback, Beyonce has become the first female artist to have her first
five albums debut at number one on the charts. And combined sales for Beyonce’s latest album
in the first week and a half are expected to eclipse the one-million mark, which would
make it her fifth straight album to go platinum.

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