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My name is Jeffrey Lee I’m 13 years old and I come from Toronto, Canada You would be singing fast today yes So many people before well No, there’s a lot of people. Yeah, it’s a lot of people they make you nervous at all. Yeah What would you do with a million dollars, I’m the only child so I would love a companion I guess I guess a dog Tell me the song you’ve chosen and why you chosen it I’m gonna be singing you raise me up by Josh Groban. Yeah, I why this song and I’m singing this song because it really helped me when I was sad and when I’m lonely because You haven’t got a dog. Yeah If you do, well, I’m gonna buy you a dog And we’ll choose one together Okay, let’s do this one for the doggie, okay My son Larry travels I’m still when I’m on your shouder You rise me up to more that I can be You rise me up to more that I can be

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100 thoughts on “13 Y.O Kid Singer Gets Standing Ovation on America’s Got Talent | Got Talent Global”

  1. Diii 0912293891 says:

    I love giexu

  2. Fatima Gomes says:

    Quando se louva com amor…
    ELE É LINDO!!!!!!

  3. EMMY LIBBS says:

    his voice is so sweet aw

  4. Jennifer minnaar says:

    Proud parents, God why don't all children have parents like these?

  5. SteveLiuyatchee says:


  6. bardien Revolt says:

    Wuhhh cry

  7. ہاشم بن دلشاد خان یوسف زئی says:

    Cheakout confidence. 👌

  8. Vixamar Renel says:

    très bien s'il teplait like 2019

  9. Sharon Tanilon says:

    Omg he's better then steven

  10. міп чоопміп says:

    Ive been watching this clip of thiz boy who sang and hes 13 y. O. Looks like a 9 and 10 yer old me being 12 looks like an idiot :<

  11. TheBoyWhoPlaysGames says:


  12. Diana Tjirondero says:

    I have a question did you give him the dog or whattttttt,!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Elizabeth Narcise says:

    Omg asian life kareoke and happiness

  14. 금대가리의구독자은대가리 says:

    중국방송에도 나왔던걸로 아는데 많이 자랐네요

  15. lauvv lie says:

    This kid is really something:)

  16. Noha says:

    But did Simon buy him a dog tho?!

  17. あいり says:


  18. Trisha Naidoo says:

    Lovely voice ❤️

  19. Hannah Faith says:

    You raise me up boy ang galing mo

  20. #ARMY4life BTS is my weakness says:

    I literally got goosebumps when he started singing.

  21. Johan Gabriel Lomehoc says:

    I don’t know if he has a dog

  22. Daniel Ball says:

    Dad-make us proud and get us dinner

    Son-of course I love stray

  23. miLktea says:

    Roses r red
    Violets are blue
    He asked for a dog..
    Simon bought it for $321
    He ate the dog
    He asian

  24. hanzojinn says:

    And he can do your taxes

  25. reigh lee says:

    i'll buy him a dog! lol….i'll even give him a cat ,well done!

  26. Maki says:


  27. Daniel Zhang says:


  28. Lianpuii Hlawnmual says:

    I still cnnot believe he didn't get golden buzzer

  29. Frank Thielemann says:

    So sweet loge his eyebrows

  30. Ann Wag says:

    I wish celine tam an jeffrey lee woul sing together ones again , they have sang it when they were younger you can search it

  31. hanarafa1 says:

    dlatego kiedyś kastrowano chłopców śpiewających
    w chórach, po mutacji głos u chłopca ulega przemianie i nie ma takiego brzmienia jak wcześniej. kariera

  32. UCUP Studio's says:

    Hey !!!
    Who place onion ini here ?!!!

  33. Jenpui Gangs says:

    Wow so cute may god blss you

  34. rio , says:


  35. Vicky Man says:

    Simon think:O hell no i need to buy him a dog!

  36. Storm King of the skies says:

    He getting dat dog

  37. Nabi Bakhshsh Sumalani Baloch says:

    Nice Song Love you

  38. Anne R.Imperial says: This is him, right?

    I thought he had never sung in front of a large audience? hmmm

  39. Evan Wu says:

    Cover your ears.

  40. Knkyng Kanaky says:

    WouAaaaahOo 😵
    👆 😍😘👌

  41. Amelia Gilmore says:

    I live in Canada and the same province thatnhws Toronto in it

  42. Sebastiana Demurtas says:

    Complimenti ha questi ragazzi di questi video meglio dei grandi cantanti

  43. Sébastien POL says:


  44. daniel says:

    canada has got talent from china cool

  45. Dark Gooxy says:

    2:13 the moment when he release he need to buy him a dog

  46. Essie Fowler says:

    That was absolutely beautiful what a lovely voice this young man has

  47. Vidkun v.Spalden says:

    wow vinyl vidkun

  48. WeisserWolf 616 says:


  49. Philly Sanders says:

    Definitely a star in the making. Beautiful song sung very well. It went straight to my heart.

  50. Mauricio Mosquera Varela says:

    Amazing wow

  51. Dominik Karwat says:

    He has a beautiful voice ♥

  52. Dancing Queen says:


  53. Comandante Metro13 says:

    2min8 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  54. ReCah Zyann says:

    They didn't give him the dog because his family will eat the dog

  55. Xanjo Gerasmio says:

    Western people be like: There’s always an asian better than you
    We Asians be like: There’s always a little kid better than you

  56. antoaneta marinova says:

    Sehr große Galant!

  57. Jane Lane says:

    He's amazing ❤️ he has good vocals 💓💓💗💖

  58. KianGaming 10 says:

    when these kid sings tht i always watch it these is the song they played wen my dad died so wen i watch these i remmember my dad

  59. 이0000승승운 says:


  60. FrenchFries Overwatch says:

    Did they eat the dog?

  61. Teresa Peña says:

    He shoudeve won

  62. Gggghf Vh Ghug says:

    this guy have sang this song before with a little girl when he was younger in front of the stage. idk what show was that

  63. Rigz FIRE says:

    I wonder did he actually buy him a 🐶

  64. Anne Corey says:

    He is very good kind young guy he sing like a bird very good thank you for sharing your beautiful video thank you very much Bless you all have a good day thank you. From. Spain thanks

  65. Shy Aquino says:

    He looks like a young David So.. he's adorable..and very talented!

  66. Shy Aquino says:

    loudest and most supportive crowd ever lol

  67. carlos rosi says:


  68. Calvin Lee says:

    You know it's good when you makes black girl goes crazy

  69. Hillary Lorencia says:

    He is handsome , Had a nice voice
    And he is young

  70. frances gaffiero says:

    God bless him, such a beautiful voice.

  71. Omar 3eesawi says:

    Did he get the dog tho 😂

  72. PAiiNy says:

    I was just done doing my black as fk eye make up, watched this and ruined it with my tears..

  73. 0905せお says:


  74. Namubiru n Teddie says:

    😭😭😭OH God

  75. January XSK says:

  76. Jussara ju says:

    Muito lindo!

  77. Mighty Cute says:

    Wait… this is the man who sings with Celine (the girl that go viral who sang Celine Dion song) when they're still a kid wayback in China

  78. Rainy Dayz says:

    bish i'm about to cry

  79. Tan Rui says:

    Awesome kids from Indonesia!
    Please watch:

    Many thanks.

  80. Prince Mc Castle says:

    Wow golden voice baby boy 👍😇

  81. 김영홍 says:

    他是 美国人 不是 中国人 美国出精品 中国出衍品

  82. Angou Kln says:

    Anybody October 2019

  83. ゴンザレス淺田 says:


  84. Ngaihtei Renthlei says:

    Did simon bought him a dog? I'm curious

  85. Engenheiro campi says:

    Não acredito nessa demonstração de sentimentos dos pais, ele já participou de programas da china, apenas veio buscar mais fama em outro país tentando enganar a todos ….m

  86. 쪼용! says:

    영어실력이 나보다 좋아

  87. Noe lit says:

    He’s cute omg

  88. Tilo Langer says:

    Great little voice!
    Who wants to see his dog

  89. Gippeum Jeon says:


  90. Somsakul Lickanajule says:

    Such a talent and humble boy! Lucky for his family, if I may say!

  91. Muiz Priza K S says:

    So, where's the scene simon bought a dog for him?

  92. Lemon Zest says:

    Aw my crush😅

  93. Pheid Gaming says:

    this is why Asian People was my idol xD

  94. Fck says:

    I'm asian 😝I admire Americans sia

  95. War Dogs says:

    Fabulous and emotional

  96. frederic theret says:


  97. katsu hira says:

    Is not he jeffery lee who duet with celene tam raise me up in 2015?

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