11 year old George Harliono plays Moonlight Sonata (3rd mov) on a Street Piano in the rain.


This is a video of me playing when I was 11 years old. Check out my channel to see what I’m doing now!

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100 thoughts on “11 year old George Harliono plays Moonlight Sonata (3rd mov) on a Street Piano in the rain.”

  1. Dani ta says:

    Талантище !

  2. Ìskender Çakír says:

    He is a genius!..and he froze those people they couldn't move while he's playing!..A Big Respect to him!. 😎

  3. Creative K says:

    Asian one, I guess?

  4. Melinda Radojević says:

    FANTASTIC! Bravo! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  5. 무지개 says:

    Wonderful ~~

  6. mydumah1 says:

    No cabe duda de que la música calma a las bestias, hasta los que jugaban ping pong al lado.

  7. Angie B says:

    I wish those liberal ping pong bozos would go fly a kite. At least for 10 minutes

  8. when jeffy is bored says:

    audio quality clear as day

  9. kimba _ says:

    It took me 10min to realise that the boy is the same guy who own this channel..

  10. Reezy- Mobile FPS says:

    Starts at 5:47 thank me later

  11. Andy91 says:

    These poor people and their f******phones

  12. DEVOS Claude says:

    Incroyable !.!!.

  13. Гражданка СССР says:


  14. Tobias Campos Tenor says:


  15. Peter Mitchell says:

    Anyone know what he was trying to play? It sounded nothing like Moonlight Sonata (3rd mov)

  16. Peter Mitchell says:

    Anyone know what he was trying to play? It sounded nothing like Moonlight Sonata (3rd mov)

  17. Irina Frolova says:

    Гениально! Какой талант !!!

  18. Asyary Raihan says:

    That's just, very nice… In such a young age

  19. NLGH GAMING says:

    Well try to insult this person, absolute no way to insult right here, oh I found a way, wow this kid is a music genius

  20. Salto Del Puma says:

    Blows me away about the non-sense…..a piano next to an active pingpong table.

  21. Cerberus inferi says:


  22. Ahmed Hatata says:

    I wish I could play piano like you!

  23. Rodrigo Molina says:


  24. Thien Kim Hoang says:

    Please bring him to the Sydney Opera House, then give him a performance suite with a white bow ties, and some drops of French perfume.
    Of course, you must give him a Grand piano brand STEINWAYS &SON, then, voila, sitting down and listening…
    Any way, he already is a great pianist I would love to hear and wishing him becoming a GREAT PIANIST!

  25. Erika Martinez says:

    Literal jaw drop

  26. Matilde Cuyuch says:

    He is my Son!!!

  27. Matilde Cuyuch says:

    Do menor for Democrat. My ass for Republicanas..!!!

  28. Marita Gonzales says:

    Excelente presentación. Me quedé anonadada de tanto talento. Eres un genio muchacho!

  29. Esmael Ribeiro says:

    Muito barulho

  30. ThatWasEpic says:

    This guy mastered the piano before he was born

  31. Елена Пекова says:

    👍👍👍👍🏻👍👍👍👌👌👌👌👌👌✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️ТЫ СУПЕР…..!!!!!!

  32. John Gluck says:

    Great piano playing 10 out of 10

  33. Esther Getkate says:

    George you are a Brilliant piano player. I whis you A Very Happy Christmas. God Bless you and your family. A special hug from Amsterdam The Netherlands Esther 👍👍🐞🐞🌹🌹.

  34. Giyuu Tomioka says:


  35. soul says:

    Nobody dared to open an umbrella over him immersed in playing the masterpiece.

  36. VitaHolic says:

    In Chicago, pianos would have to be bullet proof and the bench would have to be anchored to the concrete!

  37. Hm says:

    Sure you can play piano. Just saying though don't be like those douche who thinks they're better than everyone just cause papa gave money to take piano classes.

  38. adulto grande says:


  39. Saved by Grace Believer says:

    George God has blessed you greatly. Keep up his good work in you son.

  40. Graciela Gorosito says:

    Bravo por esos talentosos chicos bien por sus padres yo dé Nina quise tocar piano pero sólo lo acariciaba por qué no hera mio está va en una señora qué acompañaba y éso fue mi sueño felicitaciones

  41. نور النحلاوى says:

    God, God, God is wonderful and beautiful

  42. Anton Bouchette says:

    Way beyond good. What a beautiful and smooth style.

  43. HOVHANNISYAN S.S. says:

    1,9diz. Pjuten!

  44. Mauro Morganti says:

    No one even thinks of getting next to him wheat the umbrella to cover from the rain, but this is London

  45. Jack Cleary says:

    The boys at the ping pong table are beyond appreciating music….or exhibiting courtesy …hip hop and ice would be about the level of their walnut sized minds. A lot of people praise those sort of twits as the future of the world…my courtesy?…..hopefully they'll be all together rap dancing and jabbering their nonsense where and when the next meteorite lands.

  46. Joly Dee says:

    Ping-pong players stop and give respect listening the pianist young talented boy 😇

  47. Obese Baby says:

    hehehehehehheheeh I play pong ping heheheheheheeh listen TO MEEEEEE

  48. Ирина Иринина says:

    Талантище !!!!!!

  49. RutherfordClan says:

    Someone playing ping pong in the background

  50. Анастасия Тен says:

    Потрясающая игра, какая тонкая передача, музыкальность! Браво!

  51. Tuyau2poil says:

    Ce gamin joue comme czyfra et tout le monde s'en fout ! bravo p'tit !

  52. Syniphe Ykant says:

    OK, if there was ever a justification for forcing your child to take music lessons, or any lessons in something they have aptitude in–WHETHER THEY LIKE IT OR NOT–this is it! Parents of the world, your kids are not your friends. They are a job you choose. And the job is to produce a human that is valuable to the world, generous in spirit, and excellent in whatever way they can be excellent. The tragedy of childhood is that kids love their parents no matter what, and that kids, as they grow up, find ways to hate their parents no matter what, so since this is inevitable –stop trying to establish your kids as friends and accept them as projects. They will love you whatever you do–and if you push them to do onerous things they have aptitude in–however much they hate you for it–oh well that's your job, and they will ultimately have a skill suited to them. This kid is amazing because his parents made him amazing. If you wonder about that? Who do you think is filming the video?

  53. RealJ. Diamond says:

    You made a grown man cry 😢

  54. Evie 9 says:

    Before you know it he had 100 % attention on him. Even the boy playing with the ball stopped in his tracks, the man on the bench is all smiles, the people gathering to see this magnificent performance by a child. ❤️ Amazing👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  55. Tobias Campos Tenor says:


  56. Emerson Carneiro says:

    Mini Genius. And stupids play continous

  57. Richard Boudreau says:

    Unbelievable…..I am in awe………….AMAZING

  58. Eskii NZL says:

    0:47 is when he said sike

  59. Jacob C says:

    Dude is gonna get serious ass when he gets older.

  60. Egor Chernichenko says:

    It is Lark. Borodin

  61. John Chow says:

    George, are you of Indonesian in descent?

  62. A. Christian says:

    For a piano that left for public play it sounds really good 😊

  63. なーさん says:


  64. Lori W says:

    At 11 years old he does this!! When I was that age I…………um………played with Barbie’s new camper. Damn.

  65. esco7183 says:

    ping pong dudes get the fuck out the video !!!! lol

  66. Рахманов Юрий says:



    He hit that "step back let the Mozart Jr take over kid"


    I'm sorry but that piano was terribly tuned, I'm a Steinway and son type guy. I grew up with music and piano all around me, as a 16 year old music has a really big impact on me…and so does that badly tuned piano it's unverving…sorry.

  69. Muhayyo Xon says:

    Потрясающий талант у парнишки, он наслаждается а неиграет, просто класс 🔥🔥🔥👏👏👏

  70. Peter Nicholson says:

    I love the sound recording. The table tennis ball in the mix. Wonderful.

  71. Peter Nicholson says:

    Oh I get it, it's a player piano. The kid is pretending…

  72. David Weston says:


  73. Мансия Абдильдинова says:

    Он заполнил все пространство волшебством так, что всё остановилось!

  74. willy putra says:

    Harliono? Sounds like Indonesian name….
    Anyway.. regards from Indonesia

  75. Marni Marniti says:

    orang yang main tenis berhenti…trus dengerin musicnya ❤

  76. Beasty-Series says:

    Why ping pong is near piano???….

  77. Alexandra Mihailescu says:


  78. Вячеслав Зорин says:

    Не знаю английский, поэтому просто огромный лайк пацаненку)) респект!!!

  79. NoLifeGaming says:

    You messed up some of the notes in this

  80. Jesse Owens says:

    One of my most favourite pieces of classical music. Moonlight sonata. A masterpiece.

  81. John C says:

    6 mins in… ping pong stops.

  82. MrSlade1111 Slade says:

    Дима!!!Посмотри 11 лет уже Супер!!!

  83. MrSlade1111 Slade says:

    Хоть сволочи поставите Зонт Супера

  84. Madeleine says:

    Asian parent: good now play it with one finger

  85. Maulana Ilham says:

    I still playing digimon world 3 when i was 11

  86. 巧兒 says:


  87. T Jack says:

    Even the subtitle has no words for this

  88. Pedro Negrete says:

    Un. Paragua. Al. Pianista. Por. Sentido. Común… Un. Genio. El. Joven… Unos. Desconsiderado s.. Los. Presentes..

  89. Chloe7 Seven says:

    Class is Class is CLASS!

  90. adrian quintanar says:

    7:50 someone answer that phone already!

  91. Erzsébet Laczkovics says:

    Hú de szuper ügyes ez a kisfiú.Kész profi már most.Gratulálok neki.

  92. MajesticBrahmarshi says:

    Background noise messed the video up

  93. Eskii NZL says:

    Just your average Asian kid making adults feel talentless 😂

  94. Müsadenizle Çocuklar says:

    Piano, like a professional, great

  95. face pro says:

    Какой МОЛОДЕЦ!
    Будущий композитор!

  96. J Y says:

    him playing thhis in the rain is perfect

  97. Gera Gera says:

    Классный мальчик!!!!!!!!!! ГЕНИЙ!!!!!. Хочется знать как его жизнь складывается сейчас?????

  98. Charles Oneill says:

    The moron with the ringing phone at 7:38 needs a punch in the head

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