homework & study (ミュージック)


presents homework and study ミュージック 1 hour playlist of chill study music – lofi hip hop mix Current song : Ibrahim – quiet dreams of crowns and metamorphosis Aso – waiting J L – Summertime latejune – Fall From Love aForeTime – Im Sorry City Girl – soft static sky on early mornings KEEM.THE.CIPHER – Blossom (with Sugi.wa) Silk.y. – keep It (Dream Easy Exclusive) Somar – sunny latejune – roses left behind mommy hilfiger – it rained when i first saw her (ft. meybirb) Kenai – Nobody Know Player Dave – Can’t Remember Ibrahim – sharing an umbrella Elijah who – You don’t even have to try j’san – This feels too good j’san &er the trees latejune – why bother Biosphere – morning fog j’san – soothing sh!t C O C O N O U T – Les Amoureux Artesiia – her biosphere – down by the brook Kendal Miles – Light year love (with Somar) Ibrahim – as the stars tremble mommy hilfiger – spilled milk

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100 thoughts on “homework & study (ミュージック)”

  1. Positive Minds says:

    I wish I would have found this yesterday, I was doing homework and studying for 12 hours😩

  2. Pink Diamond says:

    It’s 1:36am and I have homework due tommorow 👏🏻

  3. sapphire says:

    43:21 wow I'm curious from where those voices is taken it seems like rlly cool series

  4. Esthetic Life says:


  5. Jiminssi Jinnie says:

    Thanks this helped me with my homework so much!!! It didn’t distract me when I was trying to count or anything! Amazing❤️ Thank you ☺️ I will definitely use this for next time I have homework

  6. lego kao says:

    Wait, is it the scene from “bridge to terabithia” playing at the background music in 43:24 ?

  7. Boy Nainggolan says:

    friends last episode

  8. Mary Fire says:

    7:15 😍😍😍😍

  9. ella vlogs says:

    Luv this music I will definitely listen to it al the time

  10. reguks says:

    the fact that i used this for a math project :>

  11. Cloud Falcon says:

    Yo this is my playlist when everytime I have homework or I have to study, thanks.

  12. Le Weirdo says:

    Thank you for making this.
    If you didn't I wouldn't have finished my animatic ;w;

  13. Prusha Ali says:

    3:54 BRO.

  14. Chris Phan says:

    45:20, the scary sound from a horror movie :-s

  15. Kylie Brown says:

    Who play roblox. 😛 i am weird

  16. JAZZY says:

    Wow! this rlly worked when i was doing my homework I don't ge distracted at all 🙂 thx for this ! <3

  17. Zayn Kitsune says:

    I was clearly making homeworks :v

  18. Hazelle Celedonio says:

    This make me remember my howework tomorrow HAHAHA

  19. TM7 Imperial says:

    Stop reading the comments and study/do homework!

  20. cxldbreeze says:


  21. Ghaynaa AbuZaid says:

    ok now stop looking at the comments and continue studying

  22. Sarah M says:


  23. Dania ._. says:

    lol i genuinely cant believe i have completed a whole hour of revision 🙂

  24. S a c h i P e t e r s o n says:

    I love this music thing or whatever you call it, I use this in school when doing work and I really like it. This really brings me into a different mind space that makes me want to work. Cya gotta blast… and do homework ugh..

  25. •HWANWOONGIE• says:

    Studying Japanese right now😌 Hiragana is super hard for me😔 wish me luck ✊💙

  26. 웬디 says:

    고마워요 💕

  27. bUsTe R says:

    This music makes me sleepy

  28. PRETTYBOYAM says:

    This music makes me want to eat some ass

  29. Beautiful Teacher says:

    Don't know why but this is my fav 😍😍

  30. gabrielle says:

    If you see this, goodluck me :3 cause i have exams tommorow.

  31. Jiselle D'souza says:

    i have an essay due that I didn’t start and a quiz. I overslept my alarm to do them. Smh hopefully this helps

  32. Cocoa Chanie says:

    Why do these all say two hours ago💀how long have y’all been procrastinating?😂

  33. the best says:

    I L I K E T U R T L E S

  34. DontAsk ThatQuestion says:


    i try really hard actually

  35. Downside darkness says:

    I listen to these while taking my notes >u<"

  36. Maud Mol says:

    48.39 omg

  37. Kathrine Ilidou says:

    I have an exam at ancient greek at 14/1/20 so i could use a good luck. Also good luck on whatever you doing hope you accomplish your hardest goals

  38. 「 dørky - chai 」 ハロー says:


  39. Sarina Santiago says:

    Who's homework or exams are around the corner?

  40. Virginia Ding says:

    stop looking at comments and study,

  41. BlueDemon NT says:


  42. qwqjennie͎」 says:


  43. Gacha rica says:

    Im literally studying right now because the test is tommorow
    How bout u when is ur exam?
    Ty 4 da laykz(thank you for the likes)

  44. Moonlixghtii says:

    Fact: You searched this up to be like others and study well.

  45. Beløved CreamTart says:

    I'm studying. And it's my summer vacation now😂what is wrong with me lol

  46. Thea Kathleen says:

    who here can't study and gets distracted too easily

  47. noor hafizah says:

    I am on my English homework~

  48. Have Fun With Niki says:

    I'm on my french homework~ :>

  49. 크라리크애트 says:

    I am studying organic chemistry and thanks to this music i'm able to not fall asleep in front of my textbook lol

  50. Han Jang says:

    who else looking at comments instead of studying ?:)

  51. vitaxe rere says:

    ~я делаю своё домашнее задание по химии, французскому и русскому~

  52. Mina Gucunski says:

    I'm studying history…💆🏽‍♀️

  53. Chanderpaul says:

    t h a n k y o u 🙂

  54. CupidClive says:

    I’m copying everything from one book to another.

    h e l p
    And thank you

  55. capriisun says:

    since everyone’s saying what they’re studying

    dna + genetics 🧬

  56. yerimpop says:

    doing chem again🤡

  57. Blake Durham says:

    Studying For CNCMilling Cert.

  58. Joshua Tan says:

    why am i making this comment i should be doing homework

  59. pink lasagna says:

    i’m just drawing lmfao

  60. MYSTIEZLIFE 275 says:

    English and RE – Chelsea Acadmey

  61. Basicxlly_ Maddy says:

    Thank you!!! Really helped me write my science paper!

  62. Allice Son says:

    This one always helped

  63. sing kan says:

    music theory.

  64. Elaina & Kamryn says:

    T H A N K Y O U V E R Y M U C H ! (O 3 O)

  65. Mariana Duque says:

    what do you mean my paper is due next class.
    ( I have no idea why I wait for last minute to do things)

  66. Usi Uswah says:

    Its really help me to studying better. Thx

  67. Katy’s slime World says:


  68. The Anime Weeb says:

    It really helped with my least favorite subject: math💀

  69. Gabbyreviewers says:

    thx this helped with my math homework!

  70. cRyiN_ says:

    ive been listening this about 50 minutes and on the other youtube i write everything on this science thing video that's 16 minute long and im still on 5 minutes. Help.

  71. Blocker Studios says:

    Why are you looking at this comment, Go Study, it’s for your future! (I need to also continue studying)

  72. Daliyah Daniel says:


  73. SARAH WU says:

    wow an actual study thing I can study to, lol

  74. iiConfettiCookieii Yeet says:

    I should be doing math homework right now but I’m reading comments ahaha

  75. Yunru Su says:

    writing a biography…….. I HATE IT

  76. Marissa Bartow says:

    helped me study thanks! <3

  77. Bhoomi Gupta says:

    Good music

  78. Charless :3 Dalee :3 says:

    Hey you person scrolling down the comments! go back to work! >:(

  79. TetraGon KPOP OTAKU says:

    Welp I'm studying for finals so I think I'm just gonna stop typing this and actually study AHAHAHHA

  80. Shelly. J says:

    Stop scrolling, start doing your homework ☺️… goodluck for the people that study for their exam 💆

  81. Th? Trương says:

    I watched this many times but I haven’t done my hw 😢

  82. I Am Jasania says:

    Studying for a exam on Thursday (︶︹︺)

  83. itzme Miya says:

    reviewing for an exam tomorrow ;-;

  84. Lusig Scary says:

    I just study (as fun) for that one piece of shit in my class who always is judging me because i wrote an bad exam. I want to be better than him in English and get higher grades :

  85. Woop Dox says:

    Listening while doing an archi project 💀😩

  86. Vanna Thorng says:

    tomorrow exam ….

  87. How To Be says:

    Who else comes here cuz of tmr is examination?

  88. Maya Chakarova says:

    currently learning my lines for an audition lol

  89. Nora Parmen says:

    Poor americans… I'm from Russia and, here winter now. I belive you, guys 🙂

  90. Melted Flower says:

    oof SAT studying

  91. الغيوم الممطره /rainy clouds says:

    why am i listening to this i just finished studying 2 hours ago

  92. Peter Chris says:

    Ancient Greek examination tomorrow!!!..kinda nervous..

  93. Natalia Borowa says:

    honestly classical music is the better for studying

  94. Ariadna Blancas says:

    Yo vengo por : bola de arroz, que recomendo esta playlist y me encanto

  95. MeadOwo says:

    bold of you to assume homework only takes me 1 hour

  96. Kk Rosero says:

    31:13 Bee and the puppycat vibes

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