Sponsor advertisement The sun shines brilliantly All things are growing without restraints On the stage of this midsummer There lives a bunch of magical species Cute crystal girls They are singing and dancing fearlessly, roaming on the bank of dreams And have started a new segment of their life journey Welcome to the world of the cute girls Oh, no~ The coming ones Last week, the 3rd season of the coming one opened its audition Contestants on our start track are all cabbages Therefore we grow unrestrained However, these unrestrained cabbages have shown a strong exuberance in growth Many contestants on the restart track, they lack surprises and uniqueness Now it’s like I can do this, I can do that However, we only want to pick 1 today How come it’s you but not others We will have a 6-star contestant on our side – Who would be that person in your opinion? – BY2 BY2, I feel they embody what I want to see the most on the restart track Oh my god Their fighting spirit projected from their body moves me so, so much OK mentors, please give your stars I feel that if we give them one more chance And let people see If you try hard, would it let you breakthrough further? Of course, nobody knows what would their fate be like right now Stefanie Sun is loving and conflicted at the same time Will she give out her star in the end? * Failed to break in the six-star room By2 on the restart track got five stars Please take your seat Who didn’t give out the star? * Long Danni didn’t I feel that if they didn’t sing that 10-year-old song of theirs I would have given them the star They would have got in there. There is no problem And they would be in a very obvious spot I just want them to tear themselves open Today, I kind of get the feeling that when we communicated They still have something that they didn’t want to open up So I feel they still need to spend some time to shed these things off They’ve got five stars. Actually, I think they are already very outstanding Without the last star, it would be more helpful for them in the future *They just missed by one step. Who will be the six-start contestant? Sponsor advertisement Till now The six-star contestant on the restart track has not shown up So we are really looking forward to that person in the coming competitions Will the six-star contestant show up? I feel that we should call in more song-writers Maybe they would have a higher chance to win six stars, right? I see that this kid is from Wuhan Music Conservatory Oh, then she is my alumni How about we take a look at her first Ok I’m very looking forward to it Now let’s ask Li Zelong from the restart track to come in for the interview When they called me I feel that it’s finally me and I did not feel nervous at all Jiayou! She swung her head so handsomely Director: Being an original composer, how are you different? My style is not mainstream I’m not good at expressing emotions It’s extremely dark That is, how do you know that you are awake? You just slap your face. Then you would know that you are awake with the pain *Hardcore darkness I graduated three years ago My mom has never forced me to earn money But I can’t go on like this anymore It’s probably my last chance to participate in this kind of program I’m really looking forward to her singing The original composer of rock music Hello Laoshi I am Li Zelong I came from Wuhan, I’m 23 years old Today I brought my original composition – – OkLyrics by Li Zhelong
Composed by Li Zhelong
Arranged by Jiang Shengnan It’s her, it’s me, it’s him Who has replaced the dripping air conditioner So you found that this is a trap Should I run away? You want to, I want to, and you want to
Straighten this domineering little bird One day, when your tail is no longer wagging And my eyebrows is also burnt Her taste is rather heavy Both my hopes and my fears come true Buried in my expressions and in my veins
are all black bubbles I’ve tricked you
And secretly, I am laughing unbridled The gears have been grind flat
Let’s remake them And they are all carefully manufactured I’m not your little darling that you look down They’re all furs, furs, and furs They stick on firmer and firmer
And I can’t shed them off at all Gears are all grinded
Where’s the hook? Please don’t take passion as nonsense Follow me and open up my closet She is so magical I got goosebumps all over me Thank you That’s awesome I really like it She makes me think of a person, SHEENA RINNGO Sure, I really like her Me too What you wrote in your music, you got her vibes in it But when I heard it, it seems that you also got your own stuff in it – And I feel… – I really like it I really like it actually When halfway through her singing, the aura in her bone came out And towards the end, her singing has that explosiveness And her eyes stared straight ahead as if she’s gonna eat us all Seeing her, I’m actually very very happy
Really When Mao Buyi is happy The corner of my mouth would gradually lift up uncontrollably Indeed, we have seen so many original composers And especially from your work
I can see a very complete and unique personality on the whole It stands out and is very unique I think you are the type that coming one is looking for Thank you They spoke so highly of her Her singing and her personality are united We’re waiting for her to come over here I feel that I just went through a lecture To me, it is a completely new thing for me to accept I like the feel of her singing But her song, I can never learn it I won’t even find the melody, there is no melody at all If I go to a karaoke, even if they pay me, I won’t be able to sing the song And I would never learn it And I also don’t think it sounds nice Maybe that’s the difference between a professional and an amateur sitting together I hope that one day, when I hear similar unique songs, I can understand them So thank you very much and thank you all We are all in the music-making business when we bump into people like Li Zelong From our perspective, we really feel that her music is unique But when we look into her future development We are also thinking, whether her music would be accepted by the market I came here to look for people who may like my music I’m looking for them and give them a chance to find me and like me This is right Director: Would you change your music style because of the market? No, Everybody has different taste There will be some people who would like it As long as I can find these people, it’s fine Actually, to be liked does not mean that you have to be liked by everybody This is the best part of music making Have you heard the last album by Stefanie Laoshi? You are poking my pain spot My last album was not well accepted by the massreleased in 2017 *Dancing Vango is a piece. That’s hard to define. It surpasses the reasonable imagination of a dancing song, It’s hard to define it. And it is geared towards being experimental like in a stream of consciousness People ask you, why would you make such music? Singing this kind of music– It’s really good for you, isn’t it? But for me, it’s a journey You have to give yourself that space to develop And this album of mine, although it is not seen by people Laoshi, I’ve seen it Have you heard Sun Laoshi’s songs? I’ve listened to all of them I can sing 80 of them You can sing 80 of my songs? I have been following you for over 12 years – I’m very excited – Thank you I have to say this after my singing I’m sorry I can’t see kids crying, I’m gonna cry I just can’t see people crying I’m very nervous When I was singing I was not nervous But talking to Stefanie Laoshi, I’m a bit nervous That is when I was in middle and high school, I could sing 80 songs of yours But I didn’t have money when I was little So I never got a chance to see your concert And afterward, you seldom hold a concert Sorry Laoshi I’m sorry, I also feel very excited Sorry I’m wearing my slippers, I can do this Really thank you This kid Thank you Thank you Laoshi I’m sorry, I was really nervous I’m so scared of Stefanie that she won’t like this style Only I don’t like your style You don’t have to worry about it I hope that you will be happy every day and everything is fine for you I also wish that you will be happy every single day After I had my family, for about seven or eight years, I have been staying at home This time as a mentor, I find that these contestants are all very young They may have heard of my name, but they may not have listened to my songs And suddenly, one of them says that she is my fan I would be moved uncontrollably I feel that my fans all miss me very much So next year is the 20th anniversary of my debut I hope that I can walk through this journey with them OK, mentors please show your results I don’t know how many stars I can get But I want the star from Stefanie Sun Her stars can account for 6 starts So awesome Her talent is very obvious No matter its song-writing or singing Both are unique I feel that she has overcome the phase of mimicking She is looking for the melody in her heart So I quite look forward to her development I feel that she is coming this way *Five-star room opens It’s a pass-through Somebody’s shouting It’s so long I feel that our six-star contestant is gonna come out *Can a first six-star contestant on the restart track appear? Representing the restart track, Li Zelong is rushing forward for a six star Six, six, six What’s the standard for you too select
The only standard, what is it? The only standard? I don’t have one standard I have many standards I feel that if you can go to the extreme in one dimension and if I can see that you have something special and unique That would be something moves me *The first six-star contestant from the restart track Congratulations Li Zelong for getting a six-star
on the restart track The first six-star contestant on the restart track! I feel that if I don’t press it,
it would show that I’m such an amateur Congratulations to Li Zhelong for getting six stars for the restart track, please take your seat That’s so awesome Finally a six-star I got goosebumps all over me Li Zelong got six stars I’m so excited We’ve been waiting for you here all along – I am so moved – That’s so good Can that dragon chair accommodate all of them? You have liked her for 12 years I told you that I like her I couldn’t control myself Do you know I really didn’t want to cry, so embarrassing She also cried You earned her tears on your shoulder I won’t wash it off If we have more than one six-star contestant We will determine the finalist through a battle OK, we are really happy to welcome the first six-star contestant on the restart track Let’s take a look at the next one from the start track, Zhang Wanyi She is singingYou sang it before A singer-dancer. We seldom see a singer-dancer I have not seen one since I came in Hello Laoshi My name is Zhang Wanyi, I’m 18 years old If you are ready, please start your performance, okay? *Start – Zhang WanyiThe way of the party girls is
your sisters will back you up If you got trapped in love, you can act as if you are spoiled on your way home The method of love,
hurry up and learn it from your sisters – You danced based on your own arrangements, right?
– Right It’s by looking at videos
and I’m thinking to learn it from Meng Laoshi Okay, Let me teach you This is a powerful song
in which you go backing up your sisters up Actually dancing is not all about body movements It is also about expression and about the angle Look at that her attitude in her eyes The way the party girls is you will back up your sisters When you are trapped in love, you can act as if you are spoiled on your way home The way the party girls is that you will back up your sisters In case you got a situation We are there to cover you up First of all, to come into this program
to sing and to dance The most important thing is your expressiveness and your infectiousness Right *Start-Zhang Wanyi, 2 Stars Seeing you dancing is better than ten year’s tribulation Okay, we got a heavyweight contestant Big Cow from the restart track Why do you have to look at me? I’m pissed Big Cow Really popular Are they really popular? 1022 group, these three girls sound really nice Ah, I see another one, only two of them came *Footage of 1022 She is popular I’m a classmate of her in college She is Liao Jijun We live in the same dorm Our group is 1102 Director: Some contestants found that you are from the same group Most people recognize Big Cow Because I’m conspicuous Wow, just take a look I’m such a big pile And my character is kind of carefree and happy * Happy girl’s everyday life Director: How many stars are you expecting for her? I have always felt that she is somebody who will get five or six stars. Big cow Wow, she’s so well popular Hello Hello Laoshi, my name is Big Cow I’m 20 years old this year – Wow, her voice is different – Right I’m a carefree and happy fat girl who loves singing She’s so confident She always asks me every day ”Am I the prettiest fat girl among all people you have known” Are you still part of your band? Yes, I’m still part of my band,
but now we want to try solo It seems that I have seen you guys performing
in one of the award shows At that time, I was very impressed Thank you Hua Hua Laoshi What’s the song you brought today? Today, I’m gonna sing
Wait, just wait What should have happened hasn’t happened Wait, wait just wait What’s is supposed to be perfect is not completed Wait, wait, wait
The air is a bit stuffy, stuffy Wait, wait, wait
Everything is a bit slow A full face of sincerity is no match for giving me One after another One after another hot kiss Those who love me, please raise your hand Please nod your heads Those who love me, please raise your left hand Those whom I love, please raise your right hand If you love me, please speak out If you love me, then you say Wo Hol Sometimes it’s not enough to say it just once She’s so stable Stable to the max Thank you Laoshi Six-stars Still, want to hear more – I like it – she is very cute, right? When I see her performing, I’m very happy Thank you Laoshi I want to ask you Big Cow,
how do you think of your look? Actually, to be honest,
I don’t think that I’m not good looking when I came here, I think my figure is … Don’t cry I started to sing online when I was 17 And I always get many private messages saying that
I have the same body as yours But I’m kind of … I’m very sad and I’m depressed I am always bullied by friends, all kinds of negative stuff But this is your life, you can’t do anything about it And that’s what the reality of life gives you So I often want to tell them That is, if you care about others’ opinion, then you should change If you really don’t care about others’ opinion, then just try to love yourself I just feel that loving yourself and making yourself happy is really important She said it so well She is more confident onstage I think the uniqueness in your look,
would highlight the uniqueness of you I’m really looking forward to your performance I’ve seen your performance as a 3 member group The only one that I remember is you,
that is you are so special and so lovely You always wear eyeglasses
and your smile is so sweet when you sing That’s your advantage, you don’t have to change yourself to be the same as everybody else And you’re only 20 years old
Do you write your own songs? No I feel that if you compose,
then you would have a broader road I’ve always thought about composing myself,
but I’ve never dared to try In this program,
I absolutely need to have an original composition Big cow from the restart track, please swipe your card to verify your interview results *One-star room opens Go there, right there She must advance, at least three stars – Just like this? – Right, right, right *Three-star room opens *Four-star room opens Hello, Is it real or not? Is it gonna be five stars? It’s definitely gonna open If it opens again, we can see her Jiayou! (Come on) *Five-star room opens We can feel her She is coming 666 Big Cow on the restart track got 5 stars
Please take your seat That’s so difficult Big Cow, she always wants to conquer you
with something explosive But appropriate strength happens to be more restrained It’s refined and restrained So I didn’t give her the star I think if she finds that strength,
she can go forward one more step Okay, next, let’s just continue and see whether we have new contestants
that we can look forward to My name is Huang Xinqiao This year, I released my first album An album that no one has heard of I want more people to hear my album My name is Gao Shan I am a song-writer Many people have known me before through some original songs that I composed for TV dramas I hope that on this stage,
I could get recognized by people Hello Laoshi, my name is Wang Wenting
I came from Ningbo Zhejiang I see that on your resume,
you are a backup singer of Pu Shi
(Song-writer for Ordinary Path) Right Director: Have you ever thought of stepping forward to the front of the stage, and becoming a singer? When I was little, yes I did Afterward, I’m fine with what I’m right now What’s your purpose for coming here? Well, if I get more fans that will be the best
If I could, I think The challenge is harder for contestants
from the restart track Actually, they are 10000 times more confused
than contestants on the start track After some tribulations and after learning the
so-called knowledge of the society But perhaps that kind of knowledge is not through Lyrics: Chen Li
Composer: Chen Li
Original singer: Chen Li The light shines upon your face You are adorable as usual Every inch, every inch of you is filled with desire Looking down, you’re not saying a single world You walk towards the realm of gray You settle in the chaotic deep sea You start your waiting of despair That’s really good It’s really pure, the whole performance
was very enjoyable for us to see But perhaps in your performance,
the individuality is really not there – Do you like hearing Pu Shu singing? – Yes – Which part of his singing that you like the most?
– That would be the emotions Right, when you performed,
did you express the part you really like? If you can really get the freedom and soul
in Pu Shu’s singing Then I would feel that you’ve really learned a lot
in these three years * Restart – Hua XingqiaoRather than letting you wither in my arms I would rather you regret after the mistake To let you fly towards the world of your dream And leave me alone in sadness Rather than letting you get feeble in my love I would rather you cry in pain It seems only through
the bitterness and sadness of love Could you understand the preciousness of true love You have a special timber in your singing But the expression of the emotion,
actually, it’s not quite right The ups and downs of emotions
were not expressed very well Maybe she is too young to have released an album
and become a singer It’s not that to be a singer you have to sing this way Yes, she made a lot of decorations to a lot of things If she really wants to be a singer who can go further in this market, how should she position herself? I think she still has to think it through That’s what I feel, many things presented on the restart track may not be correct Those expectations by the market may not suit her well
Lyrics: Gao Shan
Composer: Gao Shan I’m a boat lost in the ocean I’m looking for the seashore where I can anchor And there is still the mask that is quietly looking around The gently dancing sails The wind understands the solitude of the sail The sky understands the blue of the sea Personally, I like her quite a lot,
because her song is quite special I feel that this music is really well made – How old are you this year? – I’m 27 I’m going to be 28 But I feel that in this market there’s isn’t space – You are saying that the market won’t give space to slightly older singers? – Right Because for women, she’s been expected to have a good look with a good figure I think that’s a little misguided She is 27 years old this year. It’s not saying that you can’t make it But maybe you need to try a hundred times harder than those who are 20 years old Even 200 times or 1000 times more, especially for female singers I feel that maybe for her, it could be very hard in the coming competitions For these restart contestants,
although they’ve known the road And they are approaching their destinations,
yet, they have not reached there This single step is the distance to their dream They’ve already entered into this profession but they really don’t understand where is the exit If kids like this, in such a competition, if they can conquer themselves and find a new way of thinking I think it’s not a bad thing Next, let us welcome Fan Boyi from the restart track – Director: Shut the clapperboard
– What do you mean by shutting the clapperboard? That is, just say your name, and then clap your hand Why? It seems that this is a cabbage
that has not broken through the ground * What did you feel when you were selected? I really couldn’t believe it. Did you know that they only selected me out of 10 people? I almost died I really didn’t think of it. Even if I died,
I couldn’t have dreamed of it Otherwise, I would still be in a classroom at school I study accounting * How are you doing, little accountant? I really can’t do this Are you still taping? I’m begging you, I can’t do this You feel that many people are looking at you
and you don’t feel comfortable I really can’t What’s your advantage? That should be that I’m quite natural
I can show everybody the true side of myself To present the more realistic side to everybody *Overly truthful Oh, I’m so scared. I’m Fan Boyi
I’m gonna proudly walk away Where are you going? Where am I going? Going here right? Wow, six big and living people in front of me Oh my god, I thought that I was dreaming and
when I’m nervous, I’ll talk a lot Can I put my guitar on the ground?
Just put it on the ground Hello, every Laoshi, my name is Fan Boyi I was born in 98 from Shanxi And I’m a Junior college student in Beijing I’m studying accounting It seems that you forgot why you came here What do you want to hear? When you are like this, I’m so scared Are you gonna drink water? I’m also a little thirsty – Do you want to drink water? – I’m sorry If you want to drink, I’ll bring you a bottle Oh, no, you drink it I feel that you may talk a lot Oh my god, it’s so great! Hua Chenyu Laoshi helped me * So envious This is the best water I have drunk in this whole world Give me the cap of the bottle, I wanna keep it as a souvenir, thank you Laoshi Ay~What do you want to say? Who is “Ay~”? – I’m so happy – She’s talking to me She’s cuing you to talk. – Right, right I want to say if you ready, please start I’m gonna perform a song Thank you, everybody You don’t have to cue us all the time,
you should keep some of your strength Original Composition by Fan Boyi The shutter that you once pressed down,
do you still remember it? That picture, who took it? Isn’t the picture hard to forget The slight curvature of the corner of your lips
is that your sincere smile? Such a beautiful expression, how come I can’t see it? The journey we once walked through
Do you still remember it? Was it on the beach? Did I wear a skirt? What kind of wave did we encounter? The dawn on the Yangming mountain
and the evening clouds at Gulangyu Who would let you fall in love with him? Outside the window, the wandering poet
is singing his song of spring and summer I have so much luggage
Yet my longing is not in it No matter how beautiful is the night
It’s nothing but illusions Which let me forget about him with a blink of my eyes Who was that boy? He must regret about it now Which let me forget about him with a blink of my eyes Thank you Laoshi First, let me ask the two boys here. With your first impression, would you like a girl’s singing like this? – If she doesn’t talk – If she doesn’t talk, it’s really nice If you didn’t talk that much,
I would have said that I really like you No that… You don’t talk. Come on let’s listen to your Hua Ge-ge I also feel that her song is really pure And it’s very innocent And it’s like younger than an adolescent girl It’s quite different, but actually… I actually quite want to know
how Maomao thinks about it I also want to hear what Maomao would say You go ahead please, I also want to say You don’t say, you don’t speak
You can’t speak anymore From now on, you can only sing the stopping note
Come on, Maomao First of all, I really like this song Because of your lyrics. Indeed, it is longer than others’ There are many details and many thinking
of a young girl And it’s very smooth and when you sang it out,
it’s not awkward and it’s fluent I hope that you can keep this And I don’t know whether you like Chen Qizhen Maybe you have been influenced by her Gradually, you should find your own unique expression – Can I talk? – No, you can’t talk Today you can’t talk anymore,
If you want to talk, you have to pass me Let me summarize When you speak too much,
it destroys our imagination about you The more you say
the more you would expose your bottom line OK, pay attention next time You’re still very young, you have a really great future Thank you Take your water Right For good music, your outside expression
should be unified with your music I’m going away Bye-bye Don’t think about me too much OK, mentors please give your results Not only she talks a lot, she also moves a lot Dan Jie, are you afraid of seeing her once more? I quite like her song Then why didn’t you give her a star? She talked too much, this little kid
I want to give her a lesson Oh, come on, let me touch that bottled water Don’t touch my water The water from Hua Chenyu No, I also we also want it Hua Chenyu’s water Let us touch the water bottle cap Next, we want to take a look of Ji Yangliu
from the restart track I’m nervous Sweetie, jiayou! Director: Comparing to other contestants
, what’s your advantage? My height, my looks… My good shape They match the requirements well I’m taking back what I’ve just said How do you want to express yourself
in front of the screen? The sweet and cute me The smile that heals everything My little universe is about to explode Hello Oh so pretty In this program, I want more people to see me What do you mean by having more people seeing you? Nobody has seen you before? Hello Laoshi, my name is Ji Yangliu, came from Hainan I grew up in a small village,
accompanied by the ocean and the sunshine Sunshine girl Her talking voice is very nice What song do you want to sing? The song I want to sing isDon’t be nervous, relax I won’t be so nervous if I am constantly talking Oh, then we don’t have that much time Thanks, Laoshi *Start – Ji YangliuLyrics Huang Junlang
Composer Chen xi
Original singer: Jolin Tsai The sunshine is gracefully on the lawn of the hotel The mermaid is playing the harp on the stone engraved wall The doom rooftop uses Latin-style warm color to seduce I’m almost half drunk A wonder in Madrid
suddenly thinking of you The shadow in front of the colorful glasses only deepens my loneliness A wonder in Madrid, suddenly thinking of you I’m going afar carrying my love for you I want to talk first I like you very much You really made me feel like going back to my youth Although I don’t have such a good figure like you
when I was young You are so beautiful The youth temperament you brought in, embraces us,
so pure and clean An elderly person over 50 years like me, really like her Youth, beauty, simplicity, no skills, no technique She’s here Is this nice to say she does not have skills? Daye (grandpa), you… When you listen to her singing,
did you get a sense of feeling like a grandpa? My thoughts are identical with Dan Mei
(Mei: younger sister) * Dan Mei There is no skill, but comforting. Pretty good Thank you It’s pretty good Very good, and the smile especially the smile Are you gonna give me a star? I saw her resume, It seems that she never really formally
learned singing or dancing I never learned it professionally I just joined a local dancing group and learn from
those big sisters and brothers You have a great figure and legs are very straight I feel that you applied powders on your knees The things you focus on, I don’t get it, do you know? It’s because my skin is dark, so I applied some powder A lot of sunshine in Hainan, it doesn’t matter The sunshine gives this to you I always feel I get a suntan when I was home But I’ve been here for quite a while,
and I’m not getting any lighter It doesn’t matter, you get the suntan for so many years,
it’s going to take you many years to become lighter Yangliu brought in an overwhelming sense,
a feeling of summer But many people may misunderstand the type of contestants who are good-looking That’s right If your skill or your work does not match up with your appearance – Then they may think that you only…
– Rely on your appearance Yes yes Therefore further down the road,
the pressure on you is in fact not small Jiayou! Please go to the waiting room and wait for your results Thanks, Laoshi If this girl dresses up, she is very beautiful She has such a slim figure So narrow, her waist is so small Really nice, really nice My hands are shaking Don’t shake! Be strong, okay I felt that Ji Yangliu is a relatively simple child And she expressed this simplicity in a way that’s based on her understanding of it at her age And the momentum of her expression matches up very well with her appearance Congratulation to start track, Ji Yangliu, two stars, please be seated Very nice very nice please sit Come on, continue Two-stars! Two-stars! Tomorrow’s star Grow freely, no change in our initial intent Okay applause Next one coming in, you need to recite these lines We need to do it again Of course, we need to do it again Did I do very badly? I was out of tone, right?
Composer Marshall brown
original singer Zhang Lu Give me a kiss Is that okay? Kiss me in my heart, let me think of you Even if you close your lips, and do not respond I still want to ask and I do not feel heartbreak When you are singing just now,
I noticed that you’ve been doubting yourself Congratulations restart track, Miao Geji got two stars We have a welcome ceremony, please sit You just need to sit here Two stars, two stars, tomorrow’s stars So freely, no change in our initial intent Er Mao, I want to come over I want to come over to the other side to find you It’s okay, it’s okay! You’re still here Today is day 178 that I almost gave up music – Then what have you been doing? – I’m a sale person Today I want to introduce a little girl to you
whom I really like Her name is Ji Zheng,
(Ji) respect and (Zheng) honest This is quite an interesting name, right? *Four minutes past * Ji Zheng 25 years old, two stars Come on We have a welcome ceremony Two-star! Two stars! Tomorrow’s stars Grow freely! No change in our initial intent Lyrics Chen Zhengchuan
Composer Xiao Yan
Original singer: Zhang Huimei Animals are all like this,
when their desires cannot be satisfied Probably because hand felt the mouse is too tiring,
so hand wants to help as well You have a very nice voice But to me, it’s just a singer’s voice When we act as an actress,
especially me as a stage play, a modern drama actress When we started training initially Every day would be like Sky, Mountain, Bird, Fly, Over Then we lost our own voice Why? Because his voice has been trained that
when he plays modern drama, he must let the audience beyond row 20 hear him talking Then he is the voice of a modern drama and
he doesn’t have his own voice anymore Come on, welcome ceremony *Tan Tian, 19 years old, two stars Here comes again Hello boss Don’t call me boss anymore My name is Li Lan I’m the founder of a catering service brand Currently, we have 14 branch locations in Shanghai – What kind of food do you serve?
– Old Shanghai style food
Lyrics Li Yawei
Composer Li Yawei
Original singer Li Yawei Just let me stay on the edge of transmigration Waiting for a ray of light Look at the prophecy we used to say
in a month of a certain year A business person can sing Looking at you with new eyes She’s the type that she can sing high note,
but it is just not touching Her singing is decent Congratulations to star track Li Lan got two stars Please sit We will have a welcome ceremony Two-Stars! Two-Stars! Tomorrow’s stars Six-Stars! Six-Stars! Tomorrow’s stars *Crystal Board Voting information *Advertisement Next, start track, Wang Zihui – Past us so indifferently – So cool Hello everyone! My name is Wang Zihui, I’m 21 years old For me, there are two things that can comfort my soul The first is music The second is food Cut, cut, cut, cut, waiting for you to come and eat Before I sing, I like to use apple, eat one apple to open my voice Before I open my voice, it sounds like this After I opened my voice, my voice sounds like this I can use music to warm up your heart or your stomach Wang Zihui Hello every mentors, my name is Wang Zihui I’m 21 years old, I come from Malaysia – So you graduated? – I did not go to college I attended a cooking course – Cooking? – Yes So you know how to make dishes Baking, Chinese, Western, stews, noodles *Worth to have Today I brought a song I composedReggaeLyrics and composer Wang Zihui
Listen to what she has to say
Listen to what she has to do Tell me what I should say Tell me what I should do How to do it to be adequate? How to do it so it’s not too much? I’ve walked through several years I have changed several jobs No, I haven’t started working I was only 19 that year My experience is rather baffling, likely more than what you have No, you don’t understand I don’t understand whether you understand, but I probably still don’t quite understand either I don’t know how the world wroks I don’t understand why I need a diploma They say life is comfortable at home There will be beautiful fireworks at the end of August Dad, mom, sister, and grandma are at home Not outstanding, but I’m still the most troublesome one No one told me Nice The singing part…did she has some… Or is it my ear having an issue? Her singing is a little… Probably you cannot hear yourself clearly But overall it’s pretty good The song itself is nice The song you write at the age of 19 is much better than the song I wrote when I was 19 I’m also from southeast Asian The same pronunciation, you have Malaysia accent So it might be felt that you are a bit out of tune It’s not that clear This is a practical problem Did you write the song yourself? Both Lyrics and music? Yes, both lyrics and music were written by myself The Reggae style, did you think about it or.. I thought about it, but my friends made it I think this music is done very well This is the type of music I want to listen in The Coming One I think your music appreciation is very good In my eyes, as a musician, the appreciation for music is more than 50% What I really want to see is the existence of a person’s uniqueness And also be able to create To let the audience listen to a tangible music piece This is what I really want to see I think you can do very well because your appreciation for music makes me feel very satisfied Thank you There are little imperfections in her singing skills But her music is really good I feel that her music is creative and also matches up with the current era It’s that when the world is creating music, and developing to a certain stage she is following up with the trend and the culture I feel The Coming One needs trending music in it I still want to know more about you Why do you come to The Coming One? I come to this show because I have an agreement with my dad Coincidentally The Coming One is within the time period when this agreement is effective To me, this is a huge opportunity What kind of agreement? I want to do music, but I know clearly I don’t have money So I made an agreement with my dad That is, he supports me financially for a year And let me explore on the music side If I don’t get anywhere within a year, I will find a job and start working Does that mean if after a year you don’t make any progress in music, you’ll have to give up music? It’s that I have to find a way to support myself financially She almost gave up everything she has in order to come here I really want to do music If someone takes music out of my life, I will not be Wang Zihui I know one day I have to face reality, which is to find a job and earn income But when you have to face this difficult issue, I told myself that I’ll give myself one year so I can find out At least let me fail So when I have to face this reality, I’m probably not gonna feel so crashed You have the talent When Adele released her first album, she is just 18 or 19 years old Then she has been always using her creativity to compose songs and her performance, and she conquered the entire world And there is a song in her first album called “Day Dreamer” And the song you sing today, the title isIn fact, we cannot imagine what her life experience brought her And your unstable situation or your feeling of being inferior, all the hardship is also the source of your creativity I think Hua Hua said it very well Believe in yourself What you can already do could be done even better I think you should continue to compose This is the most important thing for you to move forward Continue to compose more and more great songs Let more people understand you, get to know you from your music Let them feel what you want to give to them Thank you Thank you I heard what I want to hear from them And all of a sudden, I get a sense of being recognized The music I do is my work Okay, now judges please give out your result Let’s see how many stars We each have our own things to insist on Yes Actually, I can understand her work and I like it too The reason I didn’t give her a star is that I feel she is not a 6-star contestant With five stars as encouragement, I think it can bring her to the next stage Congratulations to star track Wang Zihui, five stars Go to the kitchen or go onto the stage Wang Zihui leaped a big step forward this time Now both of us are here, the room is filled up I rarely met a competitor like her I do sort of want to win over her I hope we’ll get into a relationship with positive competition – Do you have two pairs of twins over there? – Yes Now they say we have two pairs of twins here We are BY4 Two pairs of twins *Advertisement – Is there a contestant from Thailand? – Yes There are two foreign contestants, one from Malaysia, one from Thailand Restart Pam, please go to the interview room In 2013, I used to study in China for one year I love China, and Chinese food are really good I hope that I can work in China What Chinese food do you like? Fried Pork in Scoop, BBQ Noodle, Dumpling, Baozi…I love them all It seems to be an exchange student in the Northeast *Xiu Jialing from restarted track* Come back to the beginning Love forever Attending “the coming one” It’s the best opportunity for me to be able to work in China I really want to work in China Hello. Hello hello hello. Hello every mentors Nice to meet you My name is Pam, I am from Thailand My Chinese is not very good. Therefore my expression of emotion may have some problems. Already speak really well. What kind of song are you going to sing? I would like to singthat Is the song of Yao Beina – This song is very difficult to sing – A very nice song. Restart – Pam –The only remain of the story of you and me is its shell The lovers have changed looks since long But I am still grabbing it, not letting it go Trying to be strong despite the pain Only the passion of the memory remains Do not forget Do not want the truth Because I only want your shoulder Keep one side of you, and draw it in my heart No one can take away the drawing of our first encounter Even if the time changes my beauty You are still the passionate boy of old time If you can stay with me one night, our bones will be entwined The gossips in the world
Let them be Life and death are easy
it’s no one’s business Without you, I am barely alive You sang really well Good Very good, I feel it’s so good My god! I was stunned while I was listening to it Thank you The original singer – Yao Beina
was a very good singer So you are very brave to choose this song She actually knows how to sing well I would like to comment on her articulation The pivot, sometimes I can’t hear it Singers like us, from outside of China, we need to think a bit more about this part. Ok, thanks Laoshi My singing of Chinese song is not perfect I feel this is the biggest problem Therefore, I will try to improve this during the competition *One-star room opens She’s really very “Thai” like Thai way of reaction *Two-stars room opens *Three-stars room opens So polite *Four-stars room opens 6-stars Stand here Here If she comes into our room, we will have all singers from Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand
(Three popular tourist destinations) Sesame, open the door Congratulations toXu Jialing (Pam) from restart track for getting four stars Please take a seat Finally, we have more people She’s indeed lacking a bit understanding of Chinese It’s needed to be topped up Advertisement Ok, we are looking forward to the next one Contestants from the Restart track, Zhang Yuqi So calm My name is Zhang Yuqi My character is a bit that of an even-tempered Very even-tempered Director: Do you expect anything from “The coming one”? Expect myself to enjoy these 3 months You feel you can last until the end Anyway, I brought the clothes for 3 months Hello, Laoshi My roommate. (She is going to) Berkley Music School Zhang Yuqi – songwriter, I knew her from my childhood She was also a child star The first time we met I asked her Can you still sing the high note? Her childhood voice was very clear, very high After she grew up, she has become that kind of relaxed, very stable type Hi, I’m Zhang Yuqi I’m 18 years old. I’m from Wuhan. I usually have a sense of humor with dignified magnanimous character When I’m looking at you, you remind me of Li Ronghao. I don’t know why The look? Small eyes Fortunately, the length of the hair is different. Can’t imagine what it looks like if they perform together Today I will perform a song composed by myself, calledOk, Please start if you’re ready>Composed by Zhang Yuqi I’ve missed too many legends since long How come this world has never seen me? The decision of whether climbing up to that cloud No matter how many farewell words are still there Oh my baby, Please don’t cry I don’t know where the sadness comes from Mum said, come back if you miss home But I can’t turn around on this road Oh, my baby! Please don’t cry I don’t know where the sadness comes from Mum said, come back if you miss home But I can’t turn around on this road This is really good Ok! We are going to stand at the door – Oh this one – You little baby 18 years old, you wrote country music These two days, I feel the voice… The voice is the most interesting one So good It’s too good to describe How come an 18 years old girl has such an understanding and writes this kind of song So happy Thanks Mao Mao, please say something I think it’s really good, true Can you speak a bit louder? Xiao mao? Could you be a bit louder? You are always too shy to speak Louder, what did you say? A bit shy When I first look at the Lyrics To be honest, I was a little bit… I think you can write it better But after seeing the whole performance The Content of the Lyrics can be totally ignored Because your performance is so complete Your singing is really good. Of course, still… Hope you can improve further – Ok – Thanks I forgot to ask why do you want to come to “The coming one”? I really want to come here to express the things I want to express to the audience And also want to make myself even more even-tempered and magnanimous Executive distinguished grade Are you going to Berkeley to study? Yes I will go once the recording of this program nearly finishes – I can go now? – Yes, you can Thanks, Laoshi Ok, every mentor, please give your result If she’s not 6 stars, It’s not right Li Zelong Are you ready to welcome your roommate? I’m already here to welcome her Zhang Yuqi, from the restart track, please swipe your card to verify your interview results Need to use your card Pink personal identity card The card hanging on your cloth I don’t know how to use that card I thought this is using the fingerprint identification *One-star room opens Welcome Congratulations We just stand aside to see you go through * Two-star room opens We know you are awesome Berkeley, my god She is a talented girl She’s only 18 She will be only 28 after 10 years Promising future *Three-star room opens No one goes up to greet her, because they know she will pass through Won’t stop you Bye *Four-stars room opens In China. I actually haven’t heard this kind of voice Once she opened her mouth, I was attracted to her voice I listen to her singing very tentatively And I enjoyed myself very much *Five-star room opens We all knew, go ahead! Hurry, stand here Then put your card there We won’t let you stay If you want to go, go Right here, right at your doorstep The feeling is magical We are here Will open Already inside 5 stars room, won’t 6 stars open? I’m actually quite nervous We can then have a look at the six stars room Sponsored advertising Will open *Six-Star room opens Congratulations, ReStart track Zhang Yuqi gained six stars, please take a seat One dormitory are all six stars We all have 6 stars She is a really generous child She is 18 She has always been singing with a very passionate view of life And a view towards human life I have no idea of her life experiences But felt she has performed perfectly A kind of a model of the coming one Please take a seat How can we do? No place to sit down *Six-stars room has full Will it be closed? Shall we sit on the floor Should be OK Please sit, let you experience this Ok, Experience this When we have four people in the room There aren’t enough seats Two people have to sit on the floor Then we rotated to stand up We two will battle tonight Another battle? Hope more people are coming Although I want more people to come in Once you see a very strong contester, you will feel more and more pressure *Who will join the battle later? Restart has the second 6 stars Let’s have a look Whether some new contesters will break The new record I feel we will have a singer/dancer in here But is there any 6 stars singer-dancer We are looking forward to… *Advertisement Actually, both of us strengths are dancing I’m a Jazzy She is hip hop Because we knew each other before She was very good in the last program, but I was very weak I want to let people who used to look down on me to know That I’m very well now Scared me the most are the people who could dance better than me Her stare is very charming When she dances, she can use this to attract people I feel that my advantage Is dancing a bit of man like Will be a bit cool I noticed that there are many singer/dancer from the restart track They all have many experiences of stage performances I feel the pressure Mengzi is better Not really Trust yourself Like when you see me the first time You might have felt that I am Very good. Is that right? Dancing, that’s a lifetime job that you want to do Then you have a lot of passion Maybe that’s the first time that somebody praised me Director: You have never been praise before? Rare When I’m dancing in front of the mirror I feel my movements are very pretty Self-confident feeling I feel that I’m ready, yes My strength is dancing I will do my best to do it best My strength is my stare I have the killing power to the audience I think singer/dancer compete to each other will be more interesting Among three singer/dancer, Who do you think is the best? I think I’m the strongest one *Battle between three singer/dancers* Restart track, Li Xingtong, please go to the interview room Hello, mentors. I am Li Xingtong, 19 this year You can call me “Muscle Queen” Are you the muscle type Barbie? Looks ok, a little bit Please start if you are readyDriving on a wide smooth motorway The steering wheel has been controlled by me tightly If anything not clear in the front No way to predict, have to Rely on my genius Set off big waves Can’t stop my laughing If you are brave, come over Don’t try to talk to me Do not talk to me Do not talk to me The side of her face looks nice So cool Thanks, Laoshi What you want to express Is it to be very cool? Is that right? Yes But I don’t feel she is cool Her states do not have a strong expression that what she does is cool First of all, she didn’t believe herself is cool Meng Meiqi’s requests for dance is super high Is super high Congratulations, Restart track, Li xin tong gained three stars. Please take a seat Ok ok Wang Munan, Please go to the interview room Wang Munan is really good looking Her face is very pretty Wang Munan I am her little fan Really? Yes, I think my roommate is cool Hello Laoshi, my name is Wang Munan. I am 22 years old I came to the coming one is because the program I attended last time Because of my ability, I have little opportunity to sing So I’ve been responsible for the dancing parts Therefore I have never heard my own voice from the earphone I can’t accept that, so here I came I just feel that she is a 6-star singer-dancer *Restart – Wang MunanWho said life is but a drama The solo that’s self-directed and performed Do not sigh, continue I don’t need anybody’s definition Hello hello Why should I bow my head? Hello, hello Nobody is anybody’s slave Hello>Too hot So beautiful I am attracted to her dancing Indeed you are very strong in one aspect Expert I like all their styles But I like her more because relatively, her posture is more comfortable for me Because when you dance and when you sing You would forget the posture of your dance and the things you want to express But you didn’t let me feel that you ignored this Let me give you another suggestion That is, when you dance, don’t open your mouth all the time Ok, may I say one more? I won’t say a lot I’m gonna say with the fastest speed I was very surprised That previous contestant wasn’t as good as her because she had that glance and brought us into her dance And that girl was wearing her cap of the time and I could see her eyes Don’t wear the cap anymore Next time I’m gonna take off my cap when dancing, then they would know a brand new me Actually for a dancer, when they sing on stage Here got be reverberations in the sound Because if they sing completely with their true voice Basically, people won’t be able to listen It’s not that their performance is not good It’s because they are using a lot of strength You will hear their breathing Uh, her performance just now is relatively complete – There’s a thing called charm – Right She would let me follow her into that state I feel it’s really, really good I feel she’s gonna get five stars or maybe six stars Wang Munan from the racetrack, please swipe your card and verify your interview result *One-Start Room opens Hello everybody *Two-Start Room opens You so awesome The last look from her really killed me We are all burning, you know? *Three-Start Room opens Welcome, just go *Four-star room opens She’s getting closer and closer to us Is that enough, enough? Absolutely, she will come *Five-star room opens Go ahead for that 6th Okay, she is coming here Let’s welcome her Wang Munan who is better in dancing, can she represent singer-dancers to open the 6th room? Do you feel she’s gonna get six stars? I feel it’s very possible because Meng Meiqi really likes her I think her vote is really the most difficult one Oh my god, are we gonna battle? Nobody has been added to the 6-Start room Congratulations to Wang Munan from the restart track for getting five stars Please take your seat That’s not bad Li Mingqi from the start track, please come to the room for the interview Hello Laoshi, I am Li Mingqi 21 years old, and I come from Jiangxi Oh my god, I am too nervous What song are you going to perform? The song I will perform is007, jiayou! It sounds like the proud feeling from the start track This sounds really difficult It’s from Jolin Tsai *Start – Li MingqiThe shrieking broke a long deep night Your perfume discloses your direction The fragrance disappears by the bank of Seine The meteor of the dark night is seducing the round moon With the mask, I jump over Notre Dame Turn around, I came to the boundary of beauty In adventures, it plays The debut of the perfect Spy J Who freezes the focus of the whole field Without knowing it, I’m in love Yet, it can never come true. Good Job! She gave you a shot just now She got a killing instinct in her eyes I think she has not surprised me A performance that’s totally prepared – When the music starts, she opened herself up completely – right – The contrast is too big – Right Among the singer-dancers today I’m killed by her the most So happy She and Wang Munan, the one we voted for are different in their styles And in her performance, she has many expressions in the middle that I like I think among all the contestants, I think you’re the best among the singer-dancers Well, she’s gonna come Can she get six stars? Is she crying? I want to ask you how long have you prepared for this song? This month, every day from 9
I go to work until two o’clock in the midnight She really tries hard Remember that day we got up really early, at twelve o’clock, she was still practicing I see two words One is trying hard, the other is sincerity I have not thought that a contestant from the start track would surprise me this much I find what I am eager to find in her attitude, her confidence, and her expression Li Mingqi from the restart track, please swipe your card and verify your interview results *One-star room opens Among the three singer-dancers Her singing is also the most sable *Two-star room opens You are really great Just go, we’re not keeping you here Why do you have to hold me? Do not be nervous *Three-star room opens Hurry, go to the 6-star room Until the last star *Four-star room opens She’s coming Really great Thank you Really good I really like you I think maybe she’s not that gifted, but she works hard She can get to a position where she couldn’t achieve otherwise I feel that among today’s kids, no one is like her You’re here Thank you, Laoshi Congratulations to Li Muqi from the start track for getting four stars So looking forward to her The last one None from our track That’s very good Why not six stars? I think when we get to the final performance, it would be so great Because we’ve got several singer-dancers that look so great Are you talking about the final show? It’s gonna be really great Every year It’s like this – It just feels like you would… – Change into a completely different person And in the final competition, you would have that halo behind you It’s really strong already I also want to compete I also want that halo Singer-dancers, each one of them have their strong points But none of them has gotten six stars Will there be more people in the six-star room? Today, we’re welcoming the last contestant of the whole competition to the interview room Hello everybody, I’m a gifted-yet-aloof pickled-egg Director: Why did you come to the coming one? Probably I can get more really fans Why do you want more really fans? Because a lot of fans are fake You don’t know how fake they are They would give you comment like: Little Missy This comment does not match what I have post So in what aspect you think you have an advantage? My advantage is in my voice OK, that’s almost That’s what they said to me They said in the market today, it lacks the voice of my type – Are you worried about competing with others? – No, not at all Veegee, I’m really looking forward to her She’s really great Hello, every Laoshi. I am Veegee from Shanghai I’m 19 years old Hello The reason I came to the coming one is that I want to be heard by more people and be recognized by more people just like this – Why she is so docile like this? – She’s a bit nervous I’m a little bit afraid of this kind of scene, I was really nervous to the point of having no words – `Cause I talk without going through my brain
– You’re worried to be misunderstood * In private In my record, I didn’t write these things Why do you do this? You wanna keep it a secret? Sounds like we are re-cooked meat Look, our side is grey and their side is white So you’re saying that we are already muddy? Who’s muddy? I also want to change – If you are ready, please start your performance – okay When you are assigned to the restart track, you would have a lot of pressure I’m worried that they would say: Is this all you’ve got? You have already gone onstage, and that is all? So it would be very scary But I really don’t feel that I am a contestant on the restart track You have to have some stuff, then you can be called that you’re restarting But I’m not known by people I’m gonna move you with the things that I just started *Restart – VeegeeSo lovely Oh my god Also, I have not heard of it Her voice is magnetic and I really like her I really like her She is shaking She’s still shaking You too nervous Can you relax, right? I’m sorry, I’m such a coward When you were singing, I can’t feel it I feel that we have enjoyed a really great performance Thank you I think your singing should have gained our approval – Right? Dan Jie? – I’m loving her to death It’s not like a 19-year-old’s voice It has her own raucousness It’s magnetic Thank you Dandan Laoshi She is so gifted, she should have six stars I also feel that way When you open your mouth, I really like that Your voice is really special And the feel is more of a European-American one That is, it has a kind of… I just I like it very much I really don’t know how should I express Its first time that Meng Laoshi said something like this I just want to ask you, in your understanding, what’s the relationship between you and music? I always hear about this question And I’ve never thought of a very cultured answer But my true thinking is that if you don’t know about me if my face is completely destroyed You can still know it’s me because it’s part of me Just like my skin and my blood Awesome! She said it so well How come I can’t say this kind of thing I’m so cultured Golden proverb Oh my god, I’m so indulged in my own golden proverb How do you think about being popular? If you can make it popular, then you are hot Everybody wants to be popular I don’t think the non-mainstream people always want to be like that They’re just making excuses for themselves All right, an excuse Do you feel that you can lead the trend? – I want to – You want Wish you luck Thank you Thank you Veegee Please wait for you result She is too nervous From the singing perspective, she’s the best currently – What do you feel? – I really like her I feel she is really good I think she is born to sing and she has a good feels Right Veegee from the restart track, please check your card and verify your interview results now I feel it should be a success Let’s get ready and welcome her once the room opens * One-Start Room opens Welcome I’m too nervous I feel when I get to that room, suddenly it’s like I got a shot and I started to talk a lot *Two-Start Room opens – I was really nervous – But you are super awesome Let’s go eat crawfish tonight, right? *Three-Start Room opens Veegee, that girl is so good *Four-Start Room opens *Five-Start Room opens As a room opens, go forward Do it here Okay, she’s coming Six starts Go in there, sister Congratulations to Veegee from the restart track for getting five stars That’s so awesome I don’t feel I deserve to sit here Why is that? I’m very curious I feel five-star is already a very high score If you already got six stars and you are still not hot you understand me, right? If you got five stars, it means that if you get one more, you can make it, you know Who didn’t give you the star I guessed two people, Sun or Song Dandan Laoshi Not right? Hua Chenyu Laoshi – Long Danni Laoshi – Right Oh, that’s not good, I won’t be able to make it further I’m done Wait, stop it Can’t stop What if I can’t keep on going? You can ask why she didn’t give it to you I don’t wanna ask I don’t want to listen If you cut it in, I really don’t want to see you again The results will prove everything, you got five That’s not okay Then let me tell you Why? When I first saw her interview, she was really good But she still has something that’s very impetuous inside of her So today, I really don’t want to give her 6 stars Yes, I’ve also encountered such a situation So I hope to give her a little space In order to get the star, she has to try a lot harder Given that the last contestant missed the sixth star Finally, we got four 6-star contestants *Preparing in the Six-Star Room Yet I first talked about being ruthless It’s my stupidity Do you need me to walk away to adjust your emotions? No, I don’t Okay, the first segment of the competition has finished Let’s enter the last segment of today’s competition Now, please welcome those from the six-star room return to the interview room Fight for the only Six-Star After they sang, I feel that they are so out of reach for me Maybe they are just talented The singing is just good I am really envious of them How many years do I have to go through in order to reach their level in singing? Advertisement Welcome The battle for six stars officially starts The winner is gonna get the only six-star and the losers will be demoted to five-star Who would get six stars Let’s start the battle Do you want to battle with me? You have been here for so long Let me take a seat This position is mine Sorry, this position is mine I want each of you to say one sentence to declare your battle I will try my best to complete this song I’m gonna sing today I would cheer up myself Thank you I feel that if we sing with our heart, then we will all be the best And I will also be the best I will try my best Today I will enjoy the stage and really have fun To have fun, I feel that I’m the same as them We all want to sing well Okay, then let’s just sing well and let’s work hard together Work hard together– it feels like a family Where’s the passion and fighting spirit of young people? The tradition of passionate battle has been destroyed by you like this How embarrassed would be your seniors? I feel that the battle for Six-star is a little milder than that in our imagination It’s not full of the smell of gun powders Everybody is so gentle Okay, then please start this unheard battle of the Buddhists Okay Let’s start with Hong Yinuo The song I’m gonna sing is called Lyricist, composer, and original singer: Tong Ange In a land far away, there is a girl named Yeliya In some legends, the gaze of her eyes would make you younger If you win her embrace you will never grow older For this magical legend, I will try my best to seek it Yeliya, the mythical Yeliya Yeliya, the mythical Yeliya I must find her I will fall in love with her She’s so beautiful and her eyes are full of drama Yeliya, the mythical Yeliya Yeli, Yeliya Yeliya, the mythical Yeliya I must find her Thank you Laoshi So beautiful That’s such a pleasure Do you see that? She almost got me crying Me too, it sounded so nice I will sing without accompaniment It’s calledShe should play accompaniment She will be a bit disadvantagedTake a look of the picture we took together Only you did not smile Is that we are pretending to be silly? Or is that you are really having a lot of troubles which common folks don’t Don’t say you’re okay, nothing is fine You’re just complaining ~~ (She forgot lyrics) There’s nothing to worry about I’m just afraid of thinking about the meaning of existence, think endlessly You just listen to me If you want to cry, then you should smile Actually, you do know troubles are resolved by the troubles A new one has just arrived The old one will be forgotten That is the delicate feelings of life that you crave for Okay I like the first one She didn’t sing well, she’s too nervous Would you want accompaniment or not? Of course, we want the accompaniment Her song is such a song full of stories Without accompaniment, your breathing will be heard That’s so hard I’ll do a coverMusic, please Oh, Qi Zitancomposed by Qi Zitan I can’t be without you Yet I started talking about being ruthless I am the stupid one How dumb I am You said that you are not sure about the love between us How should it be categorized? Acting smart, I forget other people have a heart too Come on, come on fast Let me quickly, quickly return I’m not afraid of the vanishing life I’m just afraid that you take our love as a joke Come on, come on fast Let me quickly, quickly return I’m not afraid of the fading youth I’m just afraid that you take our love as a joke She is so cool and she is so stylish Must be her, it can be wrong How can we tell who’s better, right? I really can’t I feel they are the same Sounds so nice Thank you The song I’m gonna sing isYou asked how deep is my love for you? How much do I love you? My emotions are true, my love is true The moon represents my heart A gentle kiss has moved my heart deeply A deep love has let me long for you till now You asked me how deeply I love you And how much do I love you? Why don’t you just think about it? Why don’t you take a look? The moon represents my heart Thank you I feel it’s her I also feel it must be her She really sings well I like her She made a change Her first song was a bit “high” Now she can sing this kind of song The onlookers outside have been having a heated discussion Inside, the leads seem to be unmoved at all OK How does every mentor feel about this? I don’t feel that the songs are well chosen this time They are not better than that for the first time You have to give us something more than the previous time Because it’s another chance for you You have to try hard for it Okay, please return to your six-star room waiting for our results Li Zhelong, Zhang Yuqi, LiZhelong, Zhang Yuqi, Hong Yinuo, Feng Xiyao Hong Yinuo If I were to pick, I would still pick Hong Yinuo Her voice is so awesome My whole head was numbing, you know I also like her I just think that her previous performance is better She’s a bit nervous when she performed the song I feel the latter two are more aggressive Your singing is so good I feel that she is going to win directly Zhuang Yuqi’s voice is very unique When she opens her mouth, I think it should be her I don’t know Originally, who would be the six-star contestant in your opinion? I think they are all pretty good but they all seem to have rooms for improvements Every contestant is still one step away from perfection They are growing But who is the best in the current stage? I think the first one, Hong Yinuo Everybody is different But I feel it could be Zhang Yuqi I feel it’s Feng Xiyao Not everybody can sing without accompaniments You may expose many problems Now the six mentors have decided the only six-star contestant Please decide the order for checking with your card yourself Who will swipe first? Hong Yinuo Li Zhelong, how about you? Let me do it first You go first It doesn’t matter I’m really dazed because I think the only one who would get into the six-star room is Li Zhang Yuqi I thought it should be Hong Yinuo Go ahead, please check I think so Probably Maybe she will enter directly Oh the mentors are over there I’ve never hesitated, because after I hear her singing I’ve already determined it would be Hong Yinuo Actually, she surpassed my imagination Right How about the others? I just feel that Li Zelong didn’t sing the song really well I feel that this song could make you have goosebumps But I think that she didn’t get there Zhang Yuqi, actually I feel her voice is really nice It’s what I love the most However, this is a double-edged sword When you hear it the second time, you won’t have the same pleasant surprise At the second time, you will be more picky about her When you are pickier, you would feel that it’s a little bit worse OK then together Hong Yinuo Me too Okay, it’s over the half Congratulations to Hong Yinuo, you have won the first badge of honor in the 3rd season of the coming one Thank you Next, I’m gonna give you this six-star badge Aren’t you anxious? I’m jealous So envious This six-star badge was put on by Sun Laoshi herself I felt that, in that room, that was the most brilliant thing I couldn’t take my eyes off it Congratulations to Hong Yinuo Please take your seat Be happy, you just won She practiced for singing but never practiced how to win Her meme has not been prepared Every contestant, the interview for the 3rd season of the coming one has finished completely Now we have 38 contestants who have passed the interview Among them, 15 are from the start track and 23 from the restart-track In the one-star room, we have one from the start track and two from the restart track In the two-star room, five is from the start track and seven from the restart track *Recounting various numbers of contestants in different rooms Finally, Hong Yinuo from the start track is the highest winner of the coming one among all the contestant Even if you got a 6 star, does that mean you will never lose? It’s not to say that if you got the six star, then you will be the brightest in the future The one who can get the strongest brand The road ahead is still very, very long The interview for the 3rd season has completed Please welcome all the coming ones who have advanced to the interview room We’re gonna take a picture together The interview for the coming one has momentarily paused Using their shining characters, the contestants have opened the door for opportunities In the coming three months They can purify their talent with their hard work to accomplish changes to surpass themselves On the stage of the coming one, they will radiate brilliantly *The counting down to a small exams starts right now * Crystal Boadr Advertisement There are more behind the scenes for Tencent VIP users The Complete Record of Commentaries of the Coming Ones, which is a derivative program, has been updated Come and take a look at the initial interviews of the coming ones It will be updated every Saturday and Sunday On every Tuesday on Wednesday, The Coming Girls will be updated which documents the wonderful life of the coming girls Full of benefits for you We are about to face our first big challenge After 72 hours You need to pass the first test on vocals To try to get a chance to perform onstage Only by passing the exam, can you perform on stage How can I deal with this? My throat is still without its voice The next coming one is not that easy to grab She has to go through a stricter exam Can you understand this? How did you get in? Next, our exam is gonna start During the process of your singing, I’m gonna push out everybody’s voice randomly to hear your singing The love we understand That’s awesome This first group is really great And an originally Three-Star contestant will get five stars and a chance to sing solo onstage Is any restart contestant want to challenge her? This group Our love It feels that the whole group it’s flat We have had too high of an expectation for you In my heart, this song is terrible An originally four-star contestant will be demoted to one star I’m sorry, you have to leave the stage of the Coming One temporarily *Who’s going to leave the stage?

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