אינטרמצו עם אריק: Bach: Concerto For Two Pianos


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24 thoughts on “אינטרמצו עם אריק: Bach: Concerto For Two Pianos”

  1. Alan Munch says:


  2. Steven Conrad says:

    Two stunning and brilliant minds. Mixed with outstanding talent. Thanks for posting this golden gem.

  3. Keith Tinkler says:

    Remarkable playing by both of them – and Alma's incisive remarks are always interesting in revealing how she analyses works with composition in mind. I hope she has her piano and violin first movements orchestrated now :} ready for public performance shortly?

  4. Sherman Smart says:

    Alma and Tanja, exquisite. I look forward to future collaborations on both violin and piano. One can find individual girls who can play the violin or piano, but to have young ladies who are proficient on both instruments is wonderful. I look forward to hearing Alma's completed violin concerto and the first movement of her new piano concerto.

  5. hans klint says:

    I do not understand that single thumb down. That must be envy. If I had the possibility I would put ten thumbs up. It`s fantastic.

  6. John Byatt says:

    Oh my goodness, how gorgeous is this. I am in tears. Alma gets better every time i hear her play. I had not heard of Tanja before, but how wonderfully she plays also, and how wonderfully they compliment each other in both this concerto, and also the one for two violins.

  7. K Welton says:

    Which is more beautiful, the two musicians, the composition by Bach or the performance from these two girls?
    As always watching Alma's face as she plays gives almost as much pleasure as her music.

  8. absoftitanium says:

    I have never seen or heard anything like this in my already rather long life, (closing in on 70), and I expect the only times I will see anything like this again will be from watching as Alma's career continues to blossom and develop. I was never a religious man, but this makes me wonder…No, that's a lie; It makes me believe.

    I so ACHE for commercial recordings of Alma's already prodigious musical output!

  9. Roger Reynolds says:

    Holy Moses! This simply unbelievable – from both young ladies. What a stunning performance – & completely without the music. And, again, we see the brilliance of Alma's mind – Tanja's no slouch either. Two remarkable young ladies, indeed. All claims of Alma's musical genius are completely confirmed in her playing of these two Bach pieces and her own compositions. What a staggering talent!

  10. van03de says:

    It's a great privilege to listen to Alma and Tanya! They are so gifted. They are the future of mankind.

  11. Orya Amit says:

    watching and listening to alma deutsher play and speak is sheer joy. she is full of excitement, joy and love for the music and wonderfully playful. i just love her.

  12. tritonusgesang says:


  13. Rebecca Snow says:

    Such talented young ladies….amazing performance!

  14. Willem Utopia says:


  15. Steffen Richter says:

    Um Bach so spielen zu können, bedarf es nicht nur technische Fertigkeiten, sondern auch ein feines musikalisches Einfühlungsvermögen, das längst nicht jeder Absolvent einer Musikhochschule besitzt. Aber Tanja und Alma besitzen es!

  16. fred wilson says:

    surely the spirits of some of the old composers are standing there with smiles on their faces.

  17. Lothar Arlt says:

    This is absolutely the best performance I have ever listened to in my life !! Unbelievable !! Todah rabbah !

  18. Philip Croft says:


  19. Biomirth says:

    Astonishing and so beautiful. The brief interviews between movements really add so much as well. Thank you!

  20. Biomirth says:

    I didn't really get this concerto till I heard this. Can there be a greater compliment to the players? Maybe, but I don't know what it is or I'd say that too!

  21. Amnon Meyers says:

    Amazing Bach, one of the best of all time, with two amazing prodigies leading the way. Double heaven. Kudos to Arik and the orchestra (not sure of its name). "spectacular mastering" should be "spectacular mastery" ; – )

  22. Raul Sandoval says:

    It is marvelous to listen these two girls talking with the old maestro like grown up people and they have this magnificent understanding of Bach and his music. Maybe Johan Sebastian is allowed by the powers in heaven to come and listen his wonderful music played by these kids.

  23. Aldila Palgonida says:

    I always enjoyed when the gorgeous brilliant talented young lady Alma playing piano and violen l think she's and she will be the QUEEN OF CLASSICAL MUSIC FOR THIS MELANIA GENERATIONS AND GOD BLESS YOU ALMA AND YOUR FAMILY'S

  24. Robert Pierson says:

    Heaven on troubled Earth!

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